Determining the cost of tree removal

February 2, 2015

For any project you have to undertake, the amount of money you spend into it will vary depending on a couple of factors. You need to be very careful for two major reasons. One is the fact that under budgeting will probably see you doing a poor or incomplete job. The second is the fact that overestimating the cost of the project can make you reluctant to undertake the project. Over budgeting can also see you spend more than you need to. Therefore when it comes to tree removal the project owner needs to mostly understand how much is just enough. The service provider also needs to know this so as not to overprice a contract and alternatively under evaluate. Under evaluation may see them take on much work than they get paid for.  Tree services in Edmonton.

The cost in tree removal process is first and foremost determined by the scale of the project. The size consideration starts with the number of trees that need to be brought down. You need to be sure so that the cost is equivalent to the job. The next consideration in terms of size is the size of the tree(s) to be cut down. This is looked at in terms of the diameter / thickness of the trees. The height of the tree should also count in terms of scale of the project. Getting the scale right is the first step to a right costing of the project. The spread of the branches will also be a factor on scale of project. Great broad branches will increase cost compared to a tree which lacks size in terms of branches.

The risk involved also needs to be greatly considered. The cost will also be largely determined by the risk posed by the process of bringing down the tree. A close proximity to buildings and property heightens the risk involved. Entanglement of branches with power grids will in most cases increase the cost of the project. The location of the tree can greatly hinder the ease of bringing the tree down safely. As much as the service providers will have insurance for liability risks, they also need to factor such risk in their costing.

With the scale of the project considered, it will determine how to go about the project. This will determine the equipment and labor to be deployed. The cost estimation needs to give the service provider a reliable profit margin. This is after covering for equipment and manpower maintenance.

The tree removal is normally not completed at cutting down the stem of the tree. The debris clean up and landscape reconstruction are like after sale services. A costing needs to factor in any after services such as stump removal. Most of these services can be considered standalone, and not factored in the overall tree removal budget. Looking at all these factors will give you an idea of how much the whole service can cost the project owner and the company that will take on the challenge.